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Meet Morgan!

I’m seven years old. I’m sprinting across the field thinking, “I finally have the ball.” Running as fast as my short legs could take me and ignoring my Dad shouting, “Wrong way, wrong way”… I score. I’m proud and loving the attention. Did it matter that I scored for the wrong team? That I preferred doing cartwheels instead of playing the game? Not to me. I “just wanted to sing.” 


Or that’s what I told my Mom. So when I decided my soccer career wasn’t working out, I made my onstage debut as “Tadpole.” From that moment on I fell in love with storytelling.


Fast forward 16 years, I’ve graduated from SUNY Fredonia with my BFA in Musical Theatre and am now taking on Manhattan. When not playing pretend, I love painting, reading, cooking, fashion, movie marathons and Rummikub. 


I fully believe that performing has chosen me as much as I’ve chosen it. My destiny has given me the mantra, "On a journey that requires her to be fierce." 

Photography by Brooke Banister

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